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I had the opportunity to experience the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, in Keizer, Oregon, near Salem. This is the second eclipse I've photographed in totality. The first was when I first got into photography in 1973 and was fortunate to see it off the coast of west Africa aboard the Canberra. I am making a few images available as prints and metal images - printed on aluminum which don't need to be framed.
Lunar Eclipses - Less rare but challenging to photograph, there are a few images here from lunar eclipses I've photographed in western Washington state.
Aug21-8x10-3091Aug21-PR-3062Aug21-PR-3074Lunar Eclipse CircleJan20-PR-eclipse-Words-8x122019 Lunar Eclipse - 11x17 inchesWolf Moon Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse 2019 ProgressionWolf Moon 2019Solar Eclipse CircleSolar Eclipse ProgressionSolar Eclipse ProgressionSolar Eclipse Progression