This gallery is for use by SequaliShoot judges, participants, and DuPont Parks & Recreation staff. These are entries for the 2023 SequaliShoot photo challenge. Questions or comments should be directed to Kate Lynch at [email protected]

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Judges: Adult entries have "A" before the name and youth have "Y" before the name.
A-B.Hall-1A-B.Hall-2A-B.Hall-3A-B.Stansfield-1A-B.Stansfield-2A-B.Stansfield-3A-D.Shrader-1A-D.Shrader-2A-E.Dech-1A-E.Dech-2A-E.Dech-3A-G.Comer-1 - 1st PLACEA-G.Comer-2A-G.Comer-3A-G.West-1A-G.West-2A-G.West-3A-H.Leacy-1A-H.Leacy-2A-H.Leacy-3 MERIT AWARD